Polar M400 – review

The Polar M400 sport’s watch has been my running companion since August 2015. I’ve run with it 2000+ kilometres, thus, my opinion is worth something. Right? Let’s give it a go!

s-l300The Polar M400 is a robust and resilient sport’s watch. It will not disappoint you in any weather condition, i.e. it is w
ater resistant and the display is pretty decent in sunny weather.  It looks heavy and big, which it is, but the size is outweighed by the reliability (including battery) and the absence of tiny problems and scratches.  What you see is what you get, and more.

I bought the watch for its GPS. The possibility to track your speed in real time helps a lot to keep your pace reasonable and steady. By syncing your data to Polar’s web site (Polar Flow), you can analyse (and brag about) your routes on the map. I like to check the distance and the elevation I ran. It helps me analyzing the form and provides the necessary motivation by seeing the progress.

Battery is good; with GPS it holds ca 6 hours, without it a week or more. I can’t really say as I’ve always used it with the GPS switched on. The charger comes with the micro USB connector, what makes it universal and easy to use.

Having the Polar’s product, all trainings logs are stored online. So you can throw away the paper notebooks you were told to keep. Polar often adds new functionalities, so everyone can find something for him/her. But to be frank, you don’t need much, training logs, heart rate, cadence, speed, maps, etc.  If you’re training for marathon, you can check your weekly distance and progress. I am bit doubtful about other functionalities like running index, recovery status, VO2max (measured by being still for 5 minutes?) , etc.  I didn’t really trust the information, it seemed overly cautious. It takes a lot of time to calibrate the information for your specific needs/goals. I ran a marathon and I still don’t really know what to think about the numbers.

Value for money is perfect. I really appreciate what I got for the money (ca 150 Euros), so I am not in a hurry to replace the Polar M400. Today, it is still a good bargain and a very good choice for a serious runner.

The look and feel seems rough, but on the other side, it gives the honest feeling. It provides exactly what you need, without any flashy (and thus less optimal) features. You don’t need anything more if you would like to run a marathon.

A sport’s watch cannot provide you with motivation and consistency needed to run long distance runs, but if you have these most important features, a sport’s watch will show you the (sometimes enormous) gaps you need to fill, in order to achieve the desired goal.


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